Leather Care Guide

Brothers Leather Supply Co. products are all individually designed here in our birthplace of Grand Rapids, Michigan. All of our products are built using the highest quality of Vachetta tanned leather hides on the market and is crafted to last. This natural process takes time and care making all Brothers Leather goods unique to the person carrying it. Each piece of handcrafted leather has its own personality meaning that each item has its own characteristics (markings/coloring/marbling) and will age beautifully as the leather matures.

With that being said, caring for your leather is of the upmost importance to ensure the life and quality of appearance. We recommend treating your Brothers leather good with Brothers Leather Conditioner once a month. Remember, leather is skin, and when skin is dry for extended periods of time it can crack. The more "hydrated" the bag the better.When the bag gets wet, dry it off with a towel and apply conditioner. Please keep in mind that water stains may occur if product gets wet. 

To ensure your bag lasts, we recommend not carrying your bag too heavy. It's okay occasionally to over-pack your bag, but to get the most years out of it, you should carry it as light as possible. We recommend between 8-12lbs of carrying weight.

Color may transfer by rubbing. Care should be taken when wearing light colored garments after exposure to liquids.