Wonderful Stocking Stuffers from Brothers

Black Friday may be over, but everybody knows that it was just the beginning of the holiday shopping season. A lot of people get so caught up in finding the best deals on big ticket items that smaller items like stocking stuffers often become overlooked and pushed back until the December buying season. But not to worry, Brothers has the perfect stocking stuffers for this Christmas!

Tech Wraps

Perhaps you know somebody that takes their electronics with them wherever they go. Chances are they bring their cords too, and cords have a tendency to become tangled and lost. Surely they could use a practical gift that could solve this problem for them!

Enter the Brothers’ tech wrap. This beautiful piece of leather is good for more than just showing off. It keeps your cords organized and secure as you travel. By simply loosening the leather strap and sticking your folded up cords in, your cords are snugly strapped down and restrained from moving as the tech wrap is placed in your bag. This is truly a wonderful gift for anyone that struggles with the tangled cord issue that interrupts our modern day life!


These days, it can be hard to find beautiful good-looking coasters that are affordable. Most affordable coasters are cheap plastic ones that look out of place in most homes. Thankfully, Brothers has the answer. We provide beautiful leather coasters at an affordable price; the perfect gift for the friend that is always complaining about their gaudy coasters that they can’t seem to find a good replacement for.

The simple dark brown design of the coaster will add style to any dining or living room. However, there is the opportunity to spice up the design. You can get initials branded into the coaster, a wonderful opportunity of you want to give a more personalized gift this Christmas. If initials aren’t your strong suit, then why not try the state of Michigan? The outline of our magnificent state can be branded right into your coaster, a great form of personalization for that Michigan loving friend!


We all know a close friend or family member that could use a new wallet, whether they like to admit it or not. But, like the tech wraps, it is hard to find a good quality wallet for an affordable price. Not at Brothers. We provide a range of leather wallets, all for under $100. Whether that person you know only carries around a few cards or loves to keep cash on them, we have wallets that suit everybody’s needs.

Journal Covers

Perhaps you have a friend who loves to write or draw. Most likely they have a journal, and in many instances, that journal isn’t the best looking from the outside. How do you fix that? Simple: you give them a journal cover as a gift.

Brothers carries leather journal covers that fit the general journal size (8.5 inches by 5.25 inches) and are by many standards gorgeous. These covers will make your journal stand out, while keeping the outside protected from dirt and scratches (another great reason to get one). This is a gift that is sure to put a smile on the face of your note-taking or artistic friend!

There are many more accessories that you could purchase as stocking stuffers from Brothers, including t-shirts, hats, passport covers, and even belts! Of course, if you haven’t bought that big ticket present yet, make sure to check out Brothers’ leather and canvas bags. They’re the perfect gift as there are many different bags that fit many different needs.

We hope you use Brothers as your center for beautiful gifts this Christmas season. Until next time…


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