Winter Vacations in Michigan

Winter is on the horizon, and so are the holidays. Normally, many people are given plenty of additional time off from work around the holiday season so that they can spend time with loved ones. Some people decide that vacationing during this time is the best use of time off, and we couldn’t agree more. Whether it is just you and your significant other or the entire family, taking a winter vacation in Michigan can benefit anybody. I have come up with four different vacation spots that are perfect for visiting during the winter months in Michigan.

Traverse City

Traverse City is an absolutely beautiful vacation destination year round, and has plenty of activities for whatever season it is. One of its famous attractions is a place that you can actually stay at; the Grand Traverse Resort and Spa. Home to the tallest building around Traverse City, Grand Traverse Resort and Spa is the perfect destination for a very relaxing getaway from the normal busyness of the average work day. The rooms are absolutely beautiful and overlook the amazing scenery that encompasses Traverse City. And yes, as is found in the name, there is a relaxing spa that you can spend the majority of your day at. The spa includes everything from massages to facials, and at a reasonable price as well.

If hitting the spa isn’t really your thing, there is plenty else to do in Traverse City. Try a day in town and see how many local restaurants you can eat at! The food in Traverse City is absolutely amazing, and if you enjoy a nice alcoholic beverage, there are many breweries around the area to visit as well.

Looking for something a little more exciting? Try snowmobiling around the countryside! Just outside of Traverse City are endless acres of open country that is perfect for snowmobiling. If snowmobiling isn’t exactly your style, perhaps you want to explore the countryside by skis. Cross country skiing is very popular in Michigan, and for good reason. The open country combined with near perfect snowfall levels makes for the excellent conditions that cross country skiing requires.

The Upper Peninsula

The Upper Peninsula, or the UP as it is called in Michigan, is a combination of beautiful scenery and welcoming wilderness that would please any adventurer’s expectations. Lodging is as simple as staying at a lodge or a cabin, and twice as comfy as most hotels or resorts as many lodges and cabins are heated by an indoor fireplace, making the UP an excellent destination to vacation at with your significant other.

The UP is definitely relaxing. With very few people spread out over numerous miles, privacy is never an issue when vacationing. Spending the day in your comfy clothes or taking a nice walk around the area is definitely a great way to relieve stress and clear your mind.

Finding something exciting to do in the UP can be a challenge to some, but to others, there is nothing but excitement around you. Remember how I mentioned snowmobiling and cross country skiing in Traverse City? Take those activities and times them by ten. The UP is known for being an awesome place to snowmobile with countless miles of snowmobiling trails and more than enough snow to plow your way through. Or take to cross country skiing and take a little more time to take in the breathtaking beauty that is UP nature.


I’ve talked a lot about cross country skiing in the last couple sections. So what about good ol classic downhill skiing? In Michigan, one of the best places for skiing and snowboarding is Caberfae. Located just east of Manistee, Caberfae is a beautiful combination of multiple slopes just begging to be ridden. Providing lodging as well, Caberfae is the perfect place for an action packed winter vacation.

Taking the family? There are more than enough bunny and intermediate hills for young ones to enjoy themselves on. Taking a significant other? Challenge each other to try the big hills together and see how far you can go. Going with friends? Definitely go on the big hills, and remind them that it is every man for themselves. Everybody will have a great time on the slopes, and when your done and worn out for the day, grab a nice cup of steaming hot chocolate and relax in your spacious resort room. You deserve it.

Double JJ

The last on this list is definitely not the least. Double JJ Ranch in Rothbury is a huge cowboy themed fun land that during the summer is filled with rodeos, music festivals, and horseback riding. But don’t think for a second that when the snow sets in, the fun ends at the ranch. Double JJ is home to several lodging options, the most popular being the Thoroughbred Suites. These luxury lodging options are very comfortable and spacious, making it perfect for however many people you’re vacationing with.

The Thoroughbred Suites are right next to what is deemed as one of Double JJ’s most famous attractions; the Gold Rush Waterpark. This waterpark is one of the biggest in Michigan and rivals other popular water parks such as Great Wolf Lodge. The water park is home to three massive water slides and a circular hot tub that is accessible inside but extends outside as well. And top it all off, there is even a game room right outside of the entrance to the waterpark.

Don’t think that they take eating lightly at the ranch either. Double JJ has a few different dining options available, the most popular being the Sundance Saloon and Steakhouse. Serving breakfast, lunch and dinner, the Sundance is your go to dining location all day long at the ranch. The food is said to be nothing short of amazing there as well, so be prepared to loosen your belt a little bit.

While these destinations are very popular and well reviewed, they are just the tip of the iceberg. There are literally thousands of destinations around Michigan that are wonderful for a winter vacation. When planning your vacation, take these recommendations to mind, but make sure to do some research yourself. You may just find a place perfectly suited for your needs.

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