Tuesday Happenings- New Year, New Series

Happy New Year! What’s a better way to revamp our Brothers blog and jump start 2017 than by talking about our brand new series of bags?

Our President, Beth, approached us with the idea of The Heritage Series , inspiring us with the original mission from the beginning of our adventure three years ago. Our goal has always been to create quality leather goods at affordable prices. The Heritage Series offers an amazing price point, making ownership of a high-quality leather good attainable. 

The Heritage Series of bags is our back-to-the-basics series. A classic, yet stylish, reminder of where Brothers Leather Supply Co. started; our own “Started From the Bottom” story, if you will. (A blog post isn’t a blog post without a Drake reference, right?)

 We currently have two bags in the collection - The Roma Messenger and The Melbourne Messenger. Each bag was named thoughtfully and with a story in mind. The  Roma is named after our  CEO, Adam, a proud Italian. The Melbourne Messenger was named after me and my native land, Australia!

 The Roma and The Melbourne are basic messengers with the added benefits of organization and spatial convenience that you can take anywhere. The Roma features a button stud clasp on the front while The Melbourne offers a sleek aesthetic with a full flap.

No matter what your needs are, this series is simple, affordable and would look great on anyone. Whether you're traveling, working or simply just out on the town, you'll always be sleek and stylish carrying a 'Heritage' bag. 

We want The Heritage Series to reflect where each of us came from, even if that means different ends of the world. No matter how far we are from home, or where we began, sometimes going back to the beginning can be beneficial in reminding us of how far we’ve come.

As more bags get released in this series, The Roma and The Melbourne Messengers stand tall in their classic glory. We hope that when you decide to purchase one of our Heritage Series bags you feel our sense of pride and passion while designing them. Every stitch is a story, and we can’t wait to hear yours with your Brothers Leather Supply good.

Until next time, friends!

Laura Henschke
Executive Assistant
Brothers Leather Supply Co.


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