Tuesday Happenings: Going Local

It’s no secret that Grand Rapids is becoming a hip (my apologies for the cheesy reference) and happening town. As a part of this vibrant and growing community of creators and adventurers, I’m always seeking and planning my next GR adventure.

Adam and I had the pleasure of hosting a dear friend of ours and one of the people who helped us launch Brothers Leather, Tim, this past weekend. As if we need an excuse to go out and explore what’s new in GR, hosting Tim gave us the freedom from our guilt. You know, the guilt of self-indulgence, spending too much money, hiring a sitter to watch your kids, leaving your kids so you can play, eating (drinking) too many calories, the list goes on… and on… and on…. Maybe I have a guilt problem!

We took Tim to some of our usual joints but also wanted to try out Butcher’s Union with Photo Courtesy: Butcher's Union Facebookhim. We only had drinks at the bar because on Thursday night they had an hour and a half wait. As much as I was bummed to hear that, I was really happy and thankful for the great community of supporters that Grand Rapids has. I want Butcher’s Union to be slammed for weeks and weeks when they open their doors. Because the truth is, we love the excitement, but the excitement is only possible when we support new business. 

I’ve made a personal commitment to shop, eat, drink and hire locally as much as I can. I love seeing our city bubble over with new businesses, artists, foundations, etc. as our community stands with open arms to welcome them. But, the only way this works is if you make it a priority to try something new. To shop downtown or in Eastown once in a while instead of the mall or Tanger Outlets (those deals, though). I’m not asking you to commit to only buying local. Though if you decided to do it, our doors are open six days a week, and I’d love to help you follow through on your commitment. :) But, I am asking you to commit to being more conscious of buying/ supporting local.

The next time you’re going to go out to dinner, make it a local place. The next time you’re looking for something to do, take a stroll through shops downtown. Sharing local brands on your social media platforms is huge. Rep someone you love. #hashtag about Grand Rapids. Get out and experience what is being created in your own backyard. We have some serious talent and adventurous spirit in Grand Rapids - be a part of it. It’s catchy and thrilling. I promise you will find many things you love, created by your neighbors.

A list of some of my local favorites:

Brothers Leather Supply Co. (obviously, also pictured below) - for all things leather

Sparrow - for coffee and tea

Books & Mortar - for books and cards (Pictured below from their Facebook)

DENYM - for clothes (Pictured below from their Facebook)

Maru - for sushi

Terra GR - for impressing your out of town friends

Butcher's Union - for really cool cocktails (Pictured above from their Facebook)

Until next time, friends!

Beth Kail
Brothers Leather Supply Co. 


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