Tuesday Happenings: A Brothers Leather Story

Hello Friends,

We love hearing stories from all over the state, and the country, about the adventures you're having with your Brothers Leather Supply bag. It's not a daily occurrence, but when it does happen, it truly makes us feel awesome about all the hard work we put into our business.

One of those days came to us recently when we received a call from Joey Hancock, a long-time Brothers supporter from Georgia. He told such an inspiring and amazing story with his Brothers Product that we had to ask him to give us a write-up of his story for our blog. Joey's story begins after a fishing accident that required immediate attention, but would've been much worse had his Brothers Dopp Kit not been there:  

"...I had surgery to remove a large pituitary brain tumor, which compromised my endocrine system and left me with a very weak immune system. Any infection meant a serious medical condition for me. As for the medical supplies, meet my friend that goes everywhere with me: my Brothers Leather Lincoln Dopp kit.

After the surgery, I began to look for a small, strong, stylish leather bag in which I could keep all of my medical needs. My friend the Lincoln Dopp kit fit that bill perfectly and still does. The leather just gets better day after day. I have been so impressed with the quality and craftsmanship of my friend that I now own five Brothers Leather bags in total. Each one is different for a different need. All of them are just the same, high quality, first class looks and an affordable price. 

After a thorough cleaning by the doctor, a tetanus shot and a week of antibiotics, I was all good. I am so glad that my friend was with me that day. As the song says, “You’ve got a friend in me." Get a Brother’s bag and get a friend at the same time."

We no longer sell the Dopp Kit that Joey is talking about in his story - but don't fret! We have the Dan Dopp Kit (pictured above,) a new and improved version that is sure to carry all of your needs, whatever they may be.

Please feel free to contact me with your Brothers adventures and stories if you'd like to be featured in an upcoming blog post.

Until next time!

Laura Henschke
Executive Assistant
Brothers Leather Supply Co.

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