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  • Leather Patina Requires Patience

    Leather patina is the signature of a high quality, genuine leather product. It tells a story of the adventures, expeditions and the everydays of life over time.  Patina is unique to certain materials like wood, canvas, metal, stone and of course, leather. The type of material effects the type and... View Post
  • History of Groomsmen & Perfect Groomsmen Gifts

    History of Wedding Parties The practice of having a wedding party of bridesmaids and groomsmen has been around for a long time.  The reasoning behind it is quite interesting, however, not as romantic. It was the law.  Roman law required there to be 10 witnesses at every wedding ceremony. But tha... View Post
  • Unforgettable Accessories: Why Men’s Accessories Are Important

    Men’s fashion accessories are often under-thought and overlooked.  But accessories are what we tend to notice the most. They are a signature of the well-dressed. Whether that be a bag, belt, watch or even a wallet, they are the final pieces that bring a look together. Accessories allow you to exp... View Post

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