Reboot: Wednesday Wanderings


With the release of our newest additions to the Tribute Series family we found it appropriate for a blog overhaul. Like our Tribute Series, our blog is now dedicated to the people that made Brothers Leather Supply Co. possible. We are kicking off our first blog post as a tribute to our fans and what they love most, our leather products! 

Leather is truly a luxury item but Brothers strives to bring fans, family and friends high quality leather goods without the extravagant price tag. Our unique bags are designed in Michigan while the highest quality of leather is sourced from Mexico. Our brand strives to encompass the superiority of our product while remaining true to our commandments of providing excellent leather goods for a great price.

Our story is a never ending adventure and that is exactly what we want you to get out of our products. This blog will focus on not just our adventures, but your adventures as well. We are always open to hearing about your travels with Brothers Leather Products (even if they are not entirely leather related!).

As we eagerly wait your stories we are also working on several blog posts designed to give you an inside look at our team and where we plan to go next. In the two years that our doors have been open we have hurtled obstacles together, grown as a family, created partnerships with amazing brands and are more proud than ever to call ourselves a force to be reckon with.


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