Men's Fall Fashion

After a warm start, we can officially say (temperature wise) that we are in the fall season. So accordingly, it’s time to ditch the shorts and the V-neck and switch to a more seasonally appropriate outfit. To help you stay in style this fall season, here are some tips on the latest in men’s fall wear.


Your long-sleeved cotton shirt alone isn’t going to cut it when the temperature drops closer to the 50 degrees range. You need to make sure you are kept warm, but don’t want to exactly break out the winter coat yet. Enter the sweater. The sweater comes in a lot of styles, whether they be zip up, quarter zip, turtle-neck, or a simple pullover. The styles that are currently more “in” would be the quarter zip and the pullover. If you’re stuck on what color to wear, darker colors can be considered more trendy. Dark brown, black, dark navy; these colors will make your fall look to fall for.

It is important to remember though that warmth comes before fashion, so make sure to pick a sweater that is thick enough to keep you cozy in the brisk fall air.


A sweater will be all you need on some days. But as you get to the later days in the fall season, it begins to become a reality that the sweater may not be enough. What you need now is a jacket. There are many different styles of jackets out there, and thankfully, most are in style. There are three important features to look out for when purchasing a jacket. The first is warmth. Sure, you don’t want to look like a marshmallow, but you have to stay warm at the same time. Make sure to pick a jacket that is thick enough to keep you warm in the fall. The next feature to look for is a full length zipper. Most jackets have this; however, there is the occasional straggler that isn’t a full zip, and taking that thing off is enough to drive you up the wall. Finally, make sure your jacket is dark. A bright jacket stands out more than a dark sweater, and not in a good way.


Jeans are a must in the fall, and it can be tricky to find the right jeans that look good. You don’t want anything baggy, but skinny jeans just aren’t in. The solution: slim fit jeans. These jeans are tighter than the unstylish baggy ones, yet give you a lot more room than standard skinny jeans. Comfort may be one of the reasons that they are in style right now; that and the fact that look really good on just about anybody. When looking at color for your jeans, it can really go either way between light and dark jeans. Both are in style; however, if you are looking to compliment a dark sweater or jacket, I would suggest continuing the theme and getting the dark jeans.

Note khakis are just as fashionable as jeans. Make sure to get them in the slim fit style as well, as they usually don’t look very good in a baggy or skinny style.


Work boots are all the craze right now. From Timberland to Wolverine, tan work boots are the footwear that is in style during the fall season. They perfectly complement the fall fashion that we have been building up with the sweater and the jeans, and will keep your feet warm as you brave that windy fall weather. Accidentally stepped in a puddle on your way to work? That’s not an issue when you’re rocking work boots; the water is stopped before it can get to your feet. Now your boots are not only stylish, but practical as well.

Can’t decide whether or not to actually lace your boots up? Your new jeans will be covering up the laces on your boots, therefore making it a smart idea to lace your boots up. This will keep them on easier and keep your feet a little warmer.

A Leather Bag

The item that brings it all together. When carrying a leather bag, there is a high chance that it’ll be the item that everybody eyes first. Your bag says something about you; your profession, your activities, your style. With all of that pressure, it is important to carry a good looking yet practical leather bag. This is where we come in. A Brothers leather bag is good looking, practical, and won’t burn your wallet to obtain it. Heading to the office, classroom, or just to your favorite outdoor destination? A leather messenger bag will be your companion of choice. Traveling, going to the gym, or simply have a lot to carry around? A leather traveler bag will make sure to assist you in style.

A bag will tell your story. Make sure to check out my past blog on determining what kind of leather bag you should get for your needs.

While this blog is meant to help guide you in selecting a fall wardrobe that is in fashion, make sure that your wardrobe is still yours. Whatever kind of jackets, boots, or bags you like, don’t be afraid to show them off. It’s your wardrobe, show others what you can rock.

Make sure to check in every Wednesday as I continue to talk about all things leather, fashion, and life. Until next time.


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