Leather Patina Requires Patience

Leather patina is the signature of a high quality, genuine leather product. It tells a story of the adventures, expeditions and the everydays of life over time.  Patina is unique to certain materials like wood, canvas, metal, stone and of course, leather. The type of material effects the type and quality of patina.

When it comes to leather, vegetable or vachetta tanned leather, like the leather used here at Brothers Leather, provides the best opportunity for a beautify leather patina.  In contrast, it is very difficult to develop patina on a chrome tanned leather.  So the more natural the leather, the better the patina possibility in the future.

Patience is Important

Beautiful leather patina takes time. The process can be sped up or slowed down, but nothing can replicate the look that comes with time.

How and how often a leather good is handled will factor into the patina process.  For example, a leather wallet will patina faster than a leather bag because of the frequency it is handled and the level of exposure to these things that effect leather patina:

  • Water
  • Natural body oils
  • Moisture
  • Dust
  • Dirt
  • Heat
  • Sunlight

Simply living life with your leather will provide the best leather patina results. All its scuffs and scratches from use will add to the richness of the patina.

If you are looking to slow down the patina process to keep the look of your new leather, regularly cleaning and conditioning will help to preserve its original look for longer.  Try to use leather conditioners and milks that contain natural ingredients to keep your leather its healthiest. 

Leather Patina doesn’t effect leather's sturdiness nor its longevity.  In fact, people are often seeking the look of genuine leather patina.  This means in addition to the increased feel and beauty of the leather, it’s value can also increase.  So don't be afraid of a scratch, scruff or the wear and tear that comes with using leather.  It's only adding to its character and beauty. 

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