How Do I Pick A Bag?

Bags are a necessity in today’s world whether they are Travel Bags, Messenger Bags, or small accessories that help you through your daily commute. People have become busier, travel more frequently, and frankly, need to carry their belongings with them everywhere. It can become overwhelming trying to figure out what bag you need for which occasion. We’d like to try and bring a little bit of clarity to that decision with our knowledge and expertise in the leather industry.

Bags for Traveling

One of the most common reasons for needing a bag is for travel. Whether you are going 50 miles away for a couple of nights, or 5,000 miles away for a month, it is important to have a bag that will assist you with your traveling needs. Here are some necessary features of a traveling bag to look for:

  • Spacious yet compact.
  • Durable (Um.. Leather!)  
  • Comfortable to Carry (No one likes shoulder/back pain am I right?)
  • Multiple Storage Compartments

These features guarantee that you will be able to carry as much as you need with you comfortably, and that your bag won’t give out on you during the long haul. Check out our Ryan Traveler for short weekend getaways or our Samson Duffle Bag for the longer trips. If you are looking for an extra bit of luxury storage while traveling you could add in our Dan Dopp Kit perfect for toiletries. Don’t forget to check out our Leather Passport Cover perfect for the international traveler.

Bags for Business

Let’s face it, as a business professional you have a lot to carry with you to the office. Papers, laptops, pens, your work phone, chargers, etc. A bag will become your biggest tool for your commute. These are a few of the features you need to look for in a bag that will assist you in your business ventures:

  • Multiple Storage Compartments (at least on larger compartment for your laptop or notepads and one smaller compartment for pens/pencils)
  • Made from durable and sturdy material. (Be sure to check for some kind of lining in your bag for extra protection).  
  • Comfortable to Carry (Including a shoulder strap).
  • Stylish not trendy. You want to be able to carry a work bag for multiple years or a lifetime.

A business bag that includes these features will help you conduct your business in a more organized and hassle free manner. To find a bag like this, check out our Brothers Leather Messenger Bags. If you really want to look the part of an executive be sure to add our Leather Padfolio and Leather Tech Wrap to your office accessory arsenal.

Bags for the more Casual Man/Women

Whether you are on your way to school/the office or leaving for a roadtrip, having an adequate bag that fits with your lifestyle and can store and protect your belongings is a must. It never hurts either if your bag can add some style to your wardrobe for the day. Here are some key features to look for in a bag that will be able to adequately assist you in day to day activities:

  • At least two large storage compartments. These can be used to hold laptops and notepads for office needs or a change of clothes for the adventurer.
  • Lining that can easily be cleaned. (We all have those moments where our drinks leave or food spills. If you are looking for a multipurpose bag it’s important that your bag has a nylon lining).
  • Comfortable to carry. (Maybe a backpack… *Wink Wink*)
  • Smaller Compartments (For small accessories/necessities)

Recreational multipurpose bags are becoming increasingly popular, for both business professionals, students, and the adventure enthusiast. Check out our Brothers Leather Canvas Collection for high quality bags that contain all of these and many more features.

Choose the activity you need a bag for, follow the above guidelines, and you will have a bag that won’t fail you for years to come. These guidelines will help with your bag buying decisions. Make sure to continually check our blogs for tips and news on all things leather!


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