History of Groomsmen & Perfect Groomsmen Gifts


History of Wedding Parties

The practice of having a wedding party of bridesmaids and groomsmen has been around for a long time.  The reasoning behind it is quite interesting, however, not as romantic.

It was the law.  Roman law required there to be 10 witnesses at every wedding ceremony. But that's not all. Superstition also has a role in this tradition.  During this time, many were afraid of wedding curses being put on the bride and groom by evil spirits.  To protect from this possibility, additional men and women that were witnesses would stand, dressed in the same clothing, in an effort to confuse the evil spirits from knowing who was actually getting married.

Although the law required that 10 witnesses had to be men, the bridesmaids were responsible for escorting the bride to the ceremony.

Groomsmen's Role

The role of the groomsmen was quite different by comparison. It was common for grooms to kidnap their future wives from their family, and then get married. Groomsmen accompanied the groom on this quest to ensure it was successful.

Groomsmen were also responsible for protecting the couple during the ceremony from anyone objecting to their marriage.

This is also why the groom stands on the right of the bride.  Because the bride was often taken from her family, an objection to the marriage was common for many reasons (money, culture, tradition, love etc.).  Swords were typically holstered on the right side. The groom stands on the right of the bride, so he has space to draw his sword and protect his bride, if needed.

Today, the bridesmaids and groomsmen are made up of close friends and family for a different purpose.  Their role is to elevate stress, support the couple, celebrate the day and make happy, life-long memories.

What Makes Up a Great Groomsmen Gift?

Selecting groomsmen can be a difficult process. Finding the perfect gifts to thank them can be equally as difficult– if not more. 

Here are some characteristics of a great groomsmen gift:

  • It is ceremonial, but also practical
  • It will recall memories of the wedding when it is used
  • It is something they wouldn’t normally purchase for themselves
  • It is personalized *Bonus*


Here at Brothers Leather, we have many products that would make great groomsmen gifts. As a result, we have seen an increase in groomsmen gift orders. 

Here are some of our favorite Brothers goods that make the perfect groomsmen gift. All of our leather goods can be personalized with initials.

Great Groomsmen Gifts from Brothers Leather


The Dan Dopp Kit - Our favorite shave bag designed for the traveler who needs the perfect place to carry all of their accoutrements. It is the perfect accomplice to your overnight bag or carry-on as it easily holds all of your personal items while ensuring plenty of space is left for your other essentials.

Leather Coasters - These full grain leather coasters are not only a great resting place for your favorite beverage, they also take any home bar to the next level.

Belts - At Brothers we say, “Around the waist of every great man is an amazing belt."  Our durable and stylish leather belts are a great gift.  They can be both casual and formal.  We have a variety of colors to choose from.

Those are just a few of our favorite groomsmen gifts. We have more accessories that make great groomsmen gifts here.

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