Happy Halloween

Next Tuesday marks the spookiest day of the year; Halloween! Halloween comes around once a year on the very last day in October, and provides entertainment for everybody young and old.

Kids get to snack on candy from neighbors’ houses while the adults sip on hard cider and remember Halloweens’ past.

Most people enjoy Halloween, so we decided to provide you with a little history about the holiday and what you can do to have fun during West Michigan’s Halloween.


Though Halloween traces its roots back to ancient Celtic traditions, the festival was brought over to America in the 1800’s. In its early days in America, Halloween was still the serious feast celebration that it was in Europe. However, as time went on, the festival began to become more relaxed as it turned into more of a gathering celebration with parties and festivities.

During the 1930’s, people became increasingly mischievous and decided to cause a lot of trouble. In response, communities encouraged kids to trick or treat and participate in what we now know as, Halloween activities. A festive night where adults get together  and celebrate and children trick or treat.

West Michigan Halloween Activities

Live in West Michigan? How can you have a great time during the spooky holiday? Below I have included some fun and famous activities that you can participate in during and around the time of Halloween.

The Haunt

The Haunt is a famous haunted house in West Michigan. It is located at 20170 Waldorf in Grand Rapids, just south of highway I-96. It takes place completely indoors and, according to Mlive, is the second scariest haunted house in all of Michigan. Although it was mentioned before that there are many attractions designed for kids; this is not one of them. The Haunt ‘s sole purpose is to scare you as much as possible, and they succeed. It is great fun if you and your friends are looking to get spooked around Halloween time!

The Zombie Dash 5k

Zombies are fun to be spooked by, but how fun would it be to be chased by them? That is exactly what you get to experience in Grand Rapids’ Zombie Dash 5k. For a reasonable fee, you are put into a post-apocalyptic Grand Rapids 5k course. But it’s not just the setting that makes this race spooky; it’s the zombies!

At the beginning of the race, you are given 3 flags to put around your waist. Throughout the race, you encounter a number of the living dead as they attempt to snag your flags from your waist. Finishers that still have flags will be awarded by time deduction based on how many flags they have left. The event is a fun twist on traditional Halloween activities and your normal 5K run, and is definitely one you should check out if you are looking for a new halloween tradition.

Trick or Treating

The final and most common Halloween tradition: Trick or Treating. There are many welcoming communities in the West Michigan area that would be terrific to take the kids Trick or Treating in. Many communities in East Grand Rapids, Holland, and Grand Haven are popular Trick or Treat destinations as they contain welcoming neighborhoods with many families and kids.

Trick or Treating is a fun family event. Kids love getting new treats at each house, and parents love seeing their kids have so much fun while slipping the occasional Tootsie Roll from their kid’s candy stash. As well, there is always the occasional chance that the parents run into some family friends and begin to strike up a conversation. While the parents love this, the kids are in agony as they eagerly look to the next house with those wonderful candy prizes.

Of course, these are only a few of many activities that take place in West Michigan around October 31st. Know of one that we don’t? Take to Instagram and Twitter and tag us at @brosleather letting us know what Halloween activities you find entertaining.

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