From the CEO's Desk: Our Design Process

Hello Friends,

Adam here! Since Beth and I started Brothers Leather Supply Co. in March of 2014, common questions I get usually center around our design process. We pride ourselves on designing bags with a thoughtful aesthetic that’s actually useful to the modern commuter.  I believe we’ve been able to do that thus far and will continue to do so in our future endeavors.

So, what does our design process actually look like? Well, without giving up too many institutional secrets, here’s a peek under the proverbial BLSC hood!

The first question we ask when the designing process starts is “What does our buyer expect?”  The entire process revolves around this question. Through our experience over the last three years, we’ve been able to learn who you, our supporters, are and what kind of bag you want to sport. You are expeditionists, wanderers, and professionals. Whether you’re just starting to break into your path in life or are a seasoned veteran in what you do best, you are on-the-go and up for an adventure; we want to reflect that in everything we do.

The next question we ask is “What is a Brothers loyalist carrying every day?” Functionality is so important to us. It doesn’t matter how great a bag looks - if it doesn’t improve the quality of your commute, what’s the point? We analyze where every pocket, nook and cranny is placed to ensure a fantastic user experience. Here at Brothers, we’re all about living in the moment, and we believe the focus for our buyer should be on where they are in the present. We don’t want you worrying about where your stuff will go, but where you will go with it.

The final step in the design process is my personal favorite, which is testing out the product. Although I’m not as involved with the day-to-day operations like I used to be back when Brothers was based out of my basement, I still carry every bag for an extended period of time prior to launching it. I look for what works, what doesn’t, what’s missing, what it needs, etc. This keeps me focused on you, our supporters, and reminds me to think of what you need in a bag to make your day better.

Brothers Leather Supply Co. began because I couldn’t find a stylish and effective leather bag for under $12,000 (exaggerative, but stick with me.) Every time I carry one of our new bags I’m brought back to our mission that we’ve had from the beginning - creating superior leather goods at affordable prices.

Next time you are carrying your Brothers product, I hope you feel the same sense of pride and confidence in it that we do. We’ve said it before, and we’ll say it again, carry your passion. When I’m walking around Grand Rapids in our latest design, I know I’m doing just that.

Until next time,

Adam Kail
CEO, Brothers Leather Supply Co.

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