Fall Activities In West Michigan

After an unexpected and (some would argue) uncomfortable heat wave, it finally is starting to feel like we have entered into the fall season. Fall is a very exciting time here in West Michigan for a couple reasons; leaves are changing, college football is underway, and let's not forget the killer combo, cinnamon donuts and (hard?) apple cider!

To help you kick off your own Fall season festivities, I wanted to share some fun activities you can check out around the West Michigan area.

Color Tours

There’s nothing quite like taking a relaxed walk or drive around West Michigan to appreciate the simple beauty of the changing color in the trees. Shades of red, orange, and yellow come to life.

A few of my favorite places to experience this phenomenon is in East Grand Rapids near Aquinas University, or Reeds Lake. Once you are finished in East Grand Rapids, break out your sweater, grab a coffee/tea or hot cocoa, and take a trip over to Frederik Meijer Gardens. It won’t disappoint. ***Scouts honor

Orchards and Cideries

Nearly as popular as the color in the treetops, are the orchards that are filled with endless amounts of Fall fun. Some of the popular apple orchards that are located in West Michigan are Motmans, which is located between Allendale and Standale on Lake Michigan Dr, and Robinettes, which is located on the Beltline just north of Kuyper college.

If you’re looking for a more “adult version” of the whole apples and cider gig, head on over to Farmhaus Cider Co. in Hudsonville. Their rustic orchard and farmhaus is steeped in history, as well as the best hard cider in the Midwest...possibly the world, but hey, go see for yourself! Long story short, apple orchards are wonderful places to enjoy with friends or loved ones when it begins to get a little chilly, and in Michigan, they are in no short supply. Don’t forget to bring us a donut when you head home. Seriously..

If you’re a football fan, Fall is probably your favorite season. Believe it or not, West Michigan is home to one of the top college football programs in all of the Mitten State, courtesy of Grand Valley State University. Pack up the car and watch the Grand Valley Lakers play at Lubbers stadium, located in the small city of Allendale. The Lakers usually have their home games on Saturday evenings, but be sure to check their schedule to get the exact dates of their home games.

Explore Your Backyard!

These activities are a great place to start your Fall festivities, but don’t forget to go and explore your backyard of West Michigan on your own! If you stumble on something you think is cool, drop us a comment. We’d love to hear about your findings! Other than that, you can always rely on our friends at Experience Grand Rapids if you are looking for more suggestions for Fall fun in the West Michigan area.

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I hope you enjoy the beginning of this chilly fall season. See you next week!


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