Cleaning Tip from the Experts


Here’s our secret! Although purchasing quality leather conditioner is an absolute must to keep your leather crisp and sharp looking, cleaning your leather bag, shoes, belts, etc. doesn’t have to cost much. One of the most common questions we get from our customers is how to properly clean their leather.

First, it is important to know the kind of leather your bag is made of. Cow leather is thick and durable while goat leather is soft and pliable giving it the perfect “grandpas old leather bag” look. Certain leathers can become oilier than others, trapping dust or dirt from everyday use. This oil and dust cocktail can be frustrating for leather lovers because it may end up brushing off on your latest blouse or button up purchase.

To avoid another trip to the mall for a new shirt we recommend using our dish soap and water method. First, make sure you have two clean cloths, everyday dish soap and warm water. Take one cloth, a teaspoon of dish soap and warm water and massage the soapy water into the dirty areas of your bag. Once all of the problem spots on your leather are clean take the second cloth and with just warm water wipe the bag down once more. Let this sit overnight and by the next morning your bag should be ready to go. Remember that this method is not a sure fire way to fix the oiliness of genuine leather. Some leathers are just naturally oilier than others!

For those of you who have a clean bag but are looking to spruce up your leathers look check out Brothers leather conditioner. When seeking out leather conditioner make sure that you remain true to the roots of leather and look for all natural leather care products. Properly applying leather conditioner adds years of life to your leather as well as restores and waterproofs leather exterior.

Tips: Always apply our leather conditioner after cleaning your leather. Use a soft cloth and apply a thin coat. Be sure to let the conditioner sink into the leather and in small circular motions work the remaining conditioner into the leather.

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