Canvas + Summer = Adventure

It’s no secret that the midwest suffers through somewhat torturous winters that only the bravest of people could tolerate or, like me, you might not be brave but you’ve lived here your whole life and it’s all you know. This past winter wasn’t that bad, truthfully, it was quite mild. But, still, after a while, winter blows. Now here we are, about a week into spring, the weather is starting to turn and warm up. We’re seeing the sun more and for longer hours of the day. People are excited and ready for summer. Which makes sense because while the midwest has rough winters, the summers in Michigan are the best.

So this is where we are right now; sitting on the edge of our seats with anticipation of summer. We’re starting to dream of hiking over some dunes to spend the day playing by the lake with food, drinks, and friends. We dream of grilling most evenings followed up by a bonfire as the sun starts to set. We plan camping trips and long bike rides. We plan days on a boat, sunning, fishing or tubing. We explore nature and small towns. It’s magical.

One of the things we’re planning here at Brothers Leather when summer graces us with her presence is an adventure themed photoshoot starring our new canvas line. This line is screaming adventure, whether in the city or in nature. I picture Adam and I hiking with our three littles towards the lakeshore with friends and we’re bringing snacks, toys, water, and crazy things too like, our iPhones, headphones, probably an iPad or two (so the two-year-old can chill out if he gets cranky) and probably a wireless phone charger. This is our century, we stay connected, even when we unplug. These backpacks are the real deal for keeping you connected to both parts of your life (nature and technology.)

I’m already dreaming of where Brothers is going to take me this year. Where are we taking you? What are you dreaming of? Let us be your simple supporter. Our bags will carry your goods, comfortably ride on your person, and inspire you to be adventurous. Grab one of our canvas backpacks and plan a getaway.

Dream big friends,

Beth Kail
Brothers Leather Supply Co. 

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