Brothers Gets Bendy + Art Adventures

There are so many things you can do in our awesome space on Division Ave., and when our President, Beth, talked about our first event being yoga, we thought it would be pretty amazing. We had space, we had the idea, and now we just needed to find the Yogi, or in our case, a Yogini!

Beth had mentioned she followed local yoga goddess, Mary Lynne, on Instagram for a while and was really excited about her potentially teaching classes in our space. Beth met with Mary Lynne, told her our vision, and she was all for it!  We now hold yoga classes with her every Wednesday at 6:15 PM.  I was at a class to take photos recently, and even though I was working, I felt really relaxed. Mary Lynne is awesome at what she does. With only a $5 charge for the first class, why wouldn’t you want to get your zen on with us?

Using our space is not just going to be limited to yoga. We just had our first amazing art venue night on February 3rd and the turnout far exceeded our expectations. It was the first of many that we will be hosting in the future.

This month we are featuring art from three awesome local artists: Maria Liddil, 
Aaron McCall, and Richard Deming Jr. Maria’s paintings range from flowing and floral to geometric and colorful. I guarantee you will never get bored looking at her amazing artwork. Aaron is a graphic artist, his work is clean lines and fun ideas that would look awesome in any spot in your home or office.  Richard is a photographer, but at first glance, you’d swear his photos were paintings. The way he captures the world through his lens is fascinating.

Each artist’s work is staying in our space for a whole month at a time - there is no way you can miss it! All art in our space will also be for sale, so stop by and see if you can grab yourself a statement leather bag and piece of art.

We’re hoping to host a variety of different events in our space. We would love to hear from you if you are looking for a space to host your next event!  If anything happens to come up for yourself or someone you know, let us know by sending my buddy, Kara, an email. We hope to see you at our flagship store soon!


Laura Henschke
Executive Assistant
Brothers Leather Supply Co.


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