There are so many exciting things happening at Brothers Leather Supply as of late. We just moved (and I say just, because it started on Friday and still isn’t completely finished, as of today) our offices to a smaller space because we are preparing to launch our first ever retail store near the beginning of September. We are redesigning our vintage line and have recently started receiving samples of our designs... they are amazing. It’s always really fun to see what Ryan, our designer, comes up with and watch the whole process from paper to the actual product. We have the women’s line designs complete and samples are being made. To add to the list, the fourth quarter is quickly approaching, to which, we are trying to gear up, stock up and (wo)man up for… So you see, there is a lot going on.

I wish I could say that any one of these things was finally complete and you could see it or get it. You can’t. But, we are getting so close. Please stay tuned.

I am always excited about the things happening at Brothers and we have you, our awesome customers, to thank for being a part of this journey and making it possible. Thank you for being fans and for sharing our brand to others. Keep your eyes peeled, bags are coming your way soon.

- Beth Kail (VP of Finance & Process)

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