A couple years ago when my grandfather passed away I was handed down his tools from my father. The first thing I noticed about these tools besides the impeccable quality was his hand-engraved initials on each tool. Every single tool, wooden or steel, had his initials, "C.V.H." carefully etched into them. I know my grandfather was very proud of his name, Cornealius VanHoute, but I also know he was very fond of this tools. Not in a "material" kind of way, but in "craftsman" kind of way. He was always fixing and building things. He often spent the extra money to buy the nice tools that would last a lifetime and for this reason I would imagine he wanted to make sure if they were misplaced or borrowed by a friend, that the initials would help them make their way back to him.

In this same way my grandfather took pride in his name, we want others to take pride in theirs. Though we don't do tools, we do craft leather products and they are well deserving of your initials. We are currently able to monogram up to 3 initials on most all of our products. The initials will be "debossed" which means they are pressed into the leather with heat and pressure in order to create a relief or impression. The monogram can be debossed "blind" which means there is no color or with a colored foil in order to have the initials stand out more. We are also able to create custom logos and deboss them into our products. Lets say your company is looking to outfit the sales staff with matching leather shoulder bags. We are able to take any company logo and create a custom die which is used to deboss that companies logo into the bag. (See Example Below)

When you purhcase a Brothers Leather bag or Accessory, we hope you will take advantage of this opportunity to customize your product and hopefully one day be able to pass it on to another generation to enjoy.


- Jason VanHoute (Brothers Leather GM)





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