When we’re not designing the newest addition to the Brothers Leather family, there is a good chance you’ll find us enjoying a deliciously hand crafted pint at one of the great local microbreweries nearby. As residence of Grand Rapids, MI, officially named BeerCity USA, we take the meaning of the local craft vary seriously. This is the reason we’re so excited to share a sneak peek into what may be the most exciting bag of 2015 – The Growler Bag. 

We started out with the problem we’ve been facing for centuries, that dates back to the invention of beer itself. How do we make it easier to transport the tasty fresh beverage from the local pub to home? In order to truly understand the depth of the problem, we had to travel back to the 1800s – and we got inspired. Thanks to our friends at growler-station.com we were able to see that some of the first ever “growlers” used were small, galvanized pails. Jump forward 180 years, and we see the introduction of the modern day growler. While this new method of transporting beer is much more sophisticated, there continues to be no good solution for the modern-day traveler. 

By pulling inspiration from the simple style of the galvanized pail, we’ve designed a bag that’s easy to use and adds style to your commute. Our goal for this bag is to bring today’s modern-day beer packaging and merge it with the familiar methods of our ancestors. The new bag will feature a shoulder strap for carrying and a handle loop for security, and it will significantly improve the life of every commuter who dreams of enjoying a cold pint in the warmth of their home.  

For a deeper dive into the history of the growler, check out this fascinating timeline from Growler-station.com

-Ryan Payne (Creative Director for Brothers Leather Supply Co)


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