I’m not a fancy guy. I don’t require fancy things. But there are some things you just can’t skimp on. And one of those is the accoutrements that surround maintaining a kempt beard. Though I don’t indulge in a straight razor, or any kind of razor for that matter, there are still quite a few tools one must utilize to keep a bear in tip top condition. A beard trimmer is at the top of my list (though purest will say to use scissors whenever possible). A beard trimmer comes with several parts, different attachments to control the length of the trim, an A/C adapter to give it power, often times a brush to clean it with after use. These things start to take up a lot of space, they start to require a home. 

Now I’m sure you’re asking yourself, “Tim, what the heck are you talking about all this for.” What does this have to do with Brothers beloved leather bags in which I have come to love so dearly?” Well I’ll tell you. I have come to find out in my long and arduous 28 years on this earth, that no finer home for your beard accoutrements exists, than the Lincoln Dopp Kit  It’s the most simple, long lasting, and good looking storage you’ll find this (or that) side of the Mississippi. I’ve used the Lincoln for over a year now, and can’t even begin to imagine growing weary of it’s utility, not to mention it’s beauty, anytime soon. 

Oh, and did I mention, dad’s love it too. 

-Tim Thompson (Brothers Social Media Director)


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