As you may already know, Bros. started in a basement. I was working for Adam and Beth as their nanny and I would see them packaging bags and sending them out from their home. I really admired their dream and watching them pursue it. The thought of them just starting out as a family and going head strong on running their own company was truly inspiring. So, when they asked me if I wanted to be apart of the company I couldn't say no. I wanted to be part of something life changing. This was my chance on seeing something truly amazing grow right before my eyes. I had the privilege seeing the changes to the company from moving to a bigger office space, and creating numerous new products. Bros. staff has doubled since we started and it seems like we are more of a family then employees of a company. Our current partners has also grown significantly as well as our customer base. As the company grows so does our family.

Welcome to the Family.

- Norma Silguero (Bros. Leather Operations Manager)

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