In the past year the Bros family has grown exponentially. Our staff has nearly doubled in the past month and we are reaching more people than ever.  We now offer our goods in 17 retail stores across the country.  It has become more and more common to see someone sporting a Bros leather bag while walking through downtown Grand Rapids. But some people ask, does growth hurt customers?

In the business world some people see growth as the inevitable loss of the core values that makes a company so great to begin with.  Here at Bros we see growth as a way for us to continue to serve others with the caring and authentic customer service that people have become accustomed to (From hand packed bags, to after hours responses, to phone calls and emails). We welcome growth because it ensures that we can help more people through our World Vision partnership and continue to add value to the great city of Grand Rapids. At Bros we believe that the growth of our family only reassures that our core values will remain strong for years to come. Just as brothers stick together for a lifetime, you can be sure that we will be there whenever you need us. That is the Brothers Leather difference.

- Ben Eastburg (Bros. Growth Manager)

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