When you think of retail, do you think of a specific location? Does your mind go to a specific brand? Do you think of salespeople? Do you think of stores that are exclusively selling products online? I can’t answer for you, but since I’m writing and you’re reading, I get to assume that you think just like me.  Sidenote: That’s a really great perk for writing the blog, isn’t it? The concept or business model to sell exclusively online doesn't really jump to the front of my mind. I think of a specific location. A store.

All this to say, we are so excited to be connecting with small stores, who are rooted in their own local communities, and get our products out there in that specific retail location. All throughout the country there are Bros. bags displayed in local boutiques. It’s so humbling that all these people are working together with us to build such an amazing brand and company, and we get to provide a product to them, that we hope helps grow their brand and company, as well. We just love this giving circle.

I saved the best for last. Bros. is working, feverishly, on developing our own retail location right here in the heart of Grand Rapids. It is so exciting. My mind can’t wait to picture that specific retail storefront location when I think of our brand. Big things keep happening here, and we have you, our customer, to thank. Thank you for supporting us. Thank you for trying us. Thank you for representing us. Thank you.


-Beth Kail (Bros. VP of Finance and Process)

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