How to pack your 1826 with style 

Have you ever looked at a design and wondered; WTF (What is That For)? We can relate, so today we thought we would take you through some of the thoughts behind why we designed the 1826 the way we did and how to pack your bag with style! 

What you'll need:

- Bros 1826
- sunglasses
- two pens
- keys 
- phone 
- Bros wallet
- Moleskin
- laptop
- charging cable
- bills you don't want to pay
- latest issue of Fast co. 
- Altoids 

Lets begin inside, as we say in the bag industry "it's where the magic happens." Start by gently sliding open the leather flap on the felt lined laptop sleeve and tuck in your computer. You can have piece of mind knowing the electronic device you spend more time with than your children is safe and cozy. Next, we slip those pesky bills in the front pocket and store the Altoids into the blue striped lined pocket. We finish inside by putting the pen in its holder, latching in the charging cable to the cord loop and dropping in the magazine. 

Let's move on to the back. The convenient slip pocket is easily one of our favorite features. Creating a prefect oasis for some of your most private possessions, the Moleskin and wallet. It's easy access design keeps everything tucked in and hidden, leaving no one questioning if you've got junk in the trunk. And as you slide your hand out, the hidden magnet keeps things tight - it's like your bag is telling you "don't worry, I've got you Bro."

Finally we move to the exterior features that add the icing on the cake. We've include stylish slip pockets on both ends of the bag so you can always keep your phone in front, and the additional pen loop keeps your favorite pen handy for signing all those autographs during your daily commute. There's a small hidden pocket behind your pen, which is perfect for your key fab. Lastly, as you walk inside slowly take off your sunglasses and slide them in the exterior loop next to your pen and walk with confidence, knowing you have the best looking bag in the office. 


- Ryan Payne (Bros. Creative Director) 



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