As I think back to my first year for college;  I realize how much of a fool I was. I didn't  want to be the "lame kid" and I definitely didn't want everyone to know that I was a freshman.  I was most certain that college students didn't use backpacks. Well I was wrong; a red flag should have went off as I was buying my text books. With all the books I had to carry, I'm surprised that my arms didn't fall off. At the rate I was going, I wouldn't be able to survive the first semester. I broke down and bought a basic navy blue Jansport backpack. 

Now, as an adult, I think to myself 'how could I have been so blind to the beauty of a backpack?' They're minimalistic and unfussy. The Emerson is my go to bag. It's  a classic and goes with any outfit. The Emerson has a way to make you automatically look incredible without having to try. It's a backpack that will make your weekends less hectic and more smooth sailing. Having a backpack instead of a purse will make your day trips easier. Say you're on your way to the office, or a non-formal event where you have stuff to carry and need to look nice but want to go hands-free. If I was going to grab coffee with my friends, I wouldn't want to bring a purse, I would rather use a backpack and just enjoy the sun on my arms instead of purse straps. Though it may have took me awhile to get on board, I now truly appreciate the beauty of the backpack. 

- Norma Silguero ( Bros. Operations Manager)



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