What could possible come out of my mouth, or maybe rather, out of my fingers (since I’m typing and not actually talking) right now except women's line. ahhhh… it feels so good to type that. We are to the phase right now where we are living and breathing our women’s line. I am fortunate enough to get to be a small part of the design process for these handbags. Ryan, our designer, is really the driving force for all of our designs. But, since I’m a woman, I get to have a little say on what goes into these bags.

I cannot begin to say how excited I am to launch the women's line of bags. We are working so hard to bring a line to you that has something for everyone and solves everyday problems that we women face with handbags. Currently, we are about to launch a new tote bag that is career / student focused for women. This also has me very excited since it feels like it’s the start to a whole new chapter at Brothers Leather.

We are elated to be offering 4 handbags at the launch of the women’s line.

  • A hybrid wallet that will transform into a clutch so you can grab it and go. This is essential for the times when you just don’t want to carry your handbag with you. (for me: restaurants, shopping, walks with my kids… this bag could be a game changer for me) The beauty is that you never have to change your stuff over to another bag. This is really your wallet so it lives in your bag, but you have the flexibility to pull it out and wear it, easily, if you need to.
  • A small cross-body for our commuter who needs a lightweight bag or the woman who lives by the model that sometimes, and I mean sometimes, less is more. We plan for this bag to have some additional features that will really take it to the next level and, again, solve some everyday problems.
  • A medium carry bag that is all things functionality with a beautiful aesthetic. This is the bag designed for every woman.
  • A large carry that has all the functionality as the medium but has the extra bit of room for those who always carry a little bit more. This is simply going to just be a gorgeous, gorgeous handbag.


I. Cannot. Wait.

-Beth Kail (Vice President of Finance & Process)

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