Sometimes I like to get a little existential about things. To just sit around and think about normal things until they don’t even make any sense anymore. I was doing this the other day about Bros., and thought it was entertaining enough to share with you. 

Just think about it. We’re just these humans hanging out on a planet, and for some reason, throughout the course of our lives, we decide to gather all these things. We collect things like clothes, furniture, books, phones, computers, apartments, houses, and an impossible list of other big and tiny objects that we think we own. And because we have all this stuff, we need things to carry all that stuff in. Now I’m not a bagologist, but I’m sure it started with a big old piece of canvas, or animal hide that someone just wrapped around their things and hauled around the expansive land in which they resided. Then through time, that big old piece of hide became several smaller pieces stitched together with some empty space in the middle. Then someone had the brilliant idea to stitch another strip to the edges and throw it around their shoulder.

 Smash cut to today. People are spending incredible amounts of energy, artistry, and love on making leather bags that you can carry all your stuff in. The type of bag you wear is determined by the way you wish to present yourself to the world. The kind of detail, thought and evolution that the leather bag has undergone over time is pretty crazy. And we love being the next step in that evolution. 

 It’s been really fun providing our special version of your "stuff carrying apparatus.” And we hope it carries your stuff like nobody else in all of history.


- Tim Thompson (Bros. Social Media Director)

Pictured: Tim's Sailor Bag

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