Happy St. Patrick's Day! My name is Adam, and I am the Founder of Bros. Leather.

This is a very special edition of our Tuesday Happenings blog as today we celebrate our one year anniversary. A year ago, Bros. Leather consisted of my wife Beth and I, taking orders and preparing, boxing, and shipping bags from our 20x20 foot basement in NE Grand Rapids. We outgrew our basement in 6 months, and outgrew our second location in 2 months, and are now in a 3000 SQFT studio in the heart of Grand Rapids, MI. We started with just four bags, (The American, The Sailor, The Classic, and The Overnight) and now offer 23 different products. Twenty-three!!

I'd be remiss if I didn't give a ton of credit to Ryan Payne, our Creative Director who was a driving force behind our brand's look and feel, as well as our products' identity. I'd also never be okay with myself if I didn't let the world know about the greatest social media mastermind in the history of mankind, Mr. Timothy David Thompson. These are dear friends and we could not have built this company without them.

One of our main objectives was to give back to organizations and causes that need help, and we've been fortunate to be able to do just that. From big organizations like World Vision, to smaller local causes like the Mari J Meyer Pancreatic Cancer HOPE run, we've been able to give over 25k back to over 15 different causes. I say this humbly, as without you we wouldn't have been able to do this. 

We are now an operation of seven strong. We have been pretty selective in hiring the right people, and I'm confident we've done just that. Our team is a vibrant bunch who believes in our product, mission, and our customers.

One of our goals is to have our products in stores all throughout the country, and this past year we grew that number from 0 to 13. We've signed retail partners from Grand Rapids to Johnson City, TN, to Boulder, CO to Boone, NC, even London, England! We've got fantastic feedback from the stores we are in, and we are working on quickly adding more right now. Our goal is to be in 50 stores nationwide (and worldwide) by the end of the year.

Speaking of worldwide, we sold our products to 15 different countries last year. Turns out, our stuff is popular in Canada, Australia, Indonesia, China, Germany, Sweden, Denmark, and France (just to name a few). Nationally, we shipped bags to all 50 states (yes, including Hawaii, Alaska, DC, and Puerto Rico). We feel incredibly blessed and humbled.

I've heard countless story after story about people who love their bag and how easier it's made their daily lives/commute. We have tons of repeat customers, and some who have even bought most every bag we offer. It goes without saying that you, our extended family member, are the biggest reason Bros. Leather has done such amazing things in year one, and we cannot wait to see what year two has in store for us. We continue to design new bags with you in mind - continue to send us feedback and emails with what you like, what you'd like to see next, and how we can improve. We grind and strive to get better every day without exception. Thank you. Thank you. Thank you.

What's next? We will be launching a new tote and dopp kit next month, a growler bag the month after, and in July we'll be launching our first women's line. 

Because this first anniversary is more about you than it is us, our birthday present to you is 15% off your entire order. The sale will go through Friday. Use code Brosleather1 at checkout.

And lastly, we've been fortunate to have some Bros. Leather enthusiasts produce videos about their bags. Check them out below. Thank you again for making year one great. 






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