Investment is a funny word. Most people think about real estate, cars and relationships. I think about bags. Yes, a bag is a personal investment. Each Bag carries a different message and perception. Before I started working at Bros. my bag choices were non-existent. I had the choices between a backpack, small gym bag, and a purse. As you can tell my pickings were very slim. This made it hard for me to go to the gym, soccer games/practices and also have enough room for a weekend adventure. 

The Champion had been on my radar for quite sometime, but I had a fear that it would end up like my three other bags: sitting on a shelf gathering dust. Since I didn't want to be that person struggling to get items out of two of my bags. I thought it would be best if I just used one bag and shove everything into it and that everything would be fine and dandy. I was wrong. It would look like it was about to combust. I happily discovered that the bag is everything I hoped it would be. The Champion is a great duffle bag that's cool to look at and stands out in the sea of generic bags. 

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