At Bros Leather, we are all about providing an easier daily commute.  You can count on us to get you to work, around the world, and back home again with style and ease.  The Classic is my companion for day-to-day life.  It keeps all of my things neat and organized as I scramble to enjoy the busy college life.  On the other hand, my trusty Bros T-shirt accompanied me on a journey that I will never forget.  Around Christmas time, my Bros T-shirt and I took on Southeastern Asia, and more specifically Vietnam.  We battled the chaos of international airports, paddled through the jungle, survived the Vietnamese nightmare they call traffic, and relaxed on a train through the countryside.  Throughout every trek, my Bros T-shirt kept me nice and snuggly in the eighty percent humidity induced sauna of Vietnam.   As a reward for our travels, we experienced a very intriguing culture, met some of the kindest people, and made memories that would simply be impossible to forget.  The Bros T-shirt certainly did not disappoint, and the shirt only gives a glimpse of what we have to offer.  Whether you are trusting The Champion with your belongings, or recording your endeavors with The Bros Journal, Bros will serve as a travel companion suited for Louis and Clark.  So please, join the family, and discover where Bros Leather can take you.


Jake Stille

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