Customize for a Lifetime

Today, I would like to talk about one of my favorite features offered at Brother’s Leather Supply, and that is custom branding.  Ever since I was a young kid, I have been obsessed with customization, and curious as to how companies were able to do it.  From hockey gear to t-shirts, if I could customize it, I was that kid who would spend hours playing with new color combinations to perfect my sports gear attire. Now at Bros we have a state of the art leather brander.  This is a cool looking piece of machinery, it probably weighs over 100 pounds, heats up to 300 degrees, and it looks like we picked it up from Darth Vader’s starship. It custom brands our products with ease and efficiency.  Considering that the logo options for branding is endless, the brander has allowed us to provide customized products for some incredible companies. It has added tremendous value to our own company, and we are very excited about the new opportunities that have come as a result.  We would love to customize your favorite Brother’s Leather Supply Product.  So hop on the internet, or come to down to the shop, pick out your favorite product, and let us give you that personal brand that will last a lifetime.

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