Bros Appreciation Day

Lately I've been reflecting on how Brothers Leather has enabled us to meet so many incredible people. We are continuing to grow a network of not only business partners, but also friends. It has been such a thrilling and exciting experience for both Adam and I. We get to form new relationships with clients who are apart of small companies who are just starting like us, and larger, well-known companies such as Coors and Chemical Bank.  It is always a humbling experience when a company takes the time to seek you out and request to partner with you.

One of the most recent partnerships that we have made is a brand-new company called Carbon Stories. This is a video production company which was established by a young man who is all of 20 years old. It was a pleasure working with these young men, who most of which were teenagers, and witness their professionalism paired with an incredible vision. To top it all off, at the end of the video shoot their team spent time asking us what the means are to be successful, so that they could determine whether or not they were on the right track. Their story is so inspiring that I was inclined to share this story with you, so you could have some inspiration in your day and throughout the week.

PSA: Carbon Stories is producing a short video about Brothers Leather which will be released in a few weeks. Stay tuned! 


  • Posted by Erik Lauchie on

    Thank you! I am very excited for the future and We at Carbon are honored to tell your story.

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