The Norma Tote

When I first began working at Brothers, I knew that I wanted to purchase one of the products so that I could get a better idea of the perks to owning a leather bag. I sifted through the bags whenever I was working and finally decided on The Norma Tote. It was the perfect size to carry my laptop from work. As days went by of taking the tote to work I noticed that I began using it everyday after that, on the weekends, going to the grocery store, and even as an overnight bag.

 Never had I received so many compliments on a bag, and I’ve owned a lot of totes in my day. The first thing people see in the bag is the beautifully distressed leather. The Norma is made of a full-grain finished Vachetta leather, which you are probably thinking, “what is full-grain Vachetta leather?” Full-grain leather means that it has not been worn down, or corrected. Instead, this leather keeps its original imperfections, and natural marks, which makes every Norma Tote unique. Vachetta, is an untreated Italian leather that darkens in sunlight. Next, is the color. The Norma Tote is apart of The Tribute Series, which means that all of the bags go through the same process as The Norma. In order to achieve that rich tan color, the leather is soaked in tree bark and a vegetable solution for weeks at a time. Last but not least, the smell. It’s like getting a brand new car with leather interior. I have proudly owned this tote for a month now and the brand new leather scent is still going strong.

 The Norma Tote is everything you want in a women’s bag. It’s a classic style, nothing fancy, that can easily be used as an everyday, business, and casual evening bag. It’s extremely affordable and has an original name. What more could you want in a tote?


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    I recently bought my wife the Norma Tote. She is ecstatic about owning it. All of her friends ask where she got it. She won’t tell them. She says she doesn’t know and that they have to ask me, her husband. And some of them do. I tell each wife to tell their husbands to ask me and I will tell them. Then their husbands are on the spot to get a Norma Tote for their wifes or to tell their wives where I got it and if the husbands don’t get them one then the wives will certainly get one on their own but I end up looking real good one way or another.

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