• | Kara Augustyn

    Tuesday Happenings: Corporate Partners

    People say that successful businesses run like a well-oiled machine. While this is true, successful businesses also run because of other successful organizations, companies, etc. - teamwork makes the dream work, am I right? Whether it be a rad software development and design company like Atomic... View Post
  • | Laura Henschke

    Tuesday Happenings: Seeking Fresh Faces

    Hello again, Brothers enthusiasts!In case you didn’t know, I am the person who takes the photos and videos here at Brothers Leather Supply Co., you will find me mostly spearheading anything that has to do with the creativity of the company. I’m always cooking up some sort of idea in my head for a... View Post
  • | Beth Kail

    Tuesday Happenings: Going Local

    It’s no secret that Grand Rapids is becoming a hip (my apologies for the cheesy reference) and happening town. As a part of this vibrant and growing community of creators and adventurers, I’m always seeking and planning my next GR adventure. Adam and I had the pleasure of hosting a dear friend ... View Post