• | Addison Wittry

    Unforgettable Accessories: Why Men’s Accessories Are Important

    Men’s fashion accessories are often under-thought and overlooked.  But accessories are what we tend to notice the most. They are a signature of the well-dressed. Whether that be a bag, belt, watch or even a wallet, they are the final pieces that bring a look together. Accessories allow you to exp... View Post
  • | Laura Henschke

    Guest Blogger Tuesday: Stacy Mulder

    We all know that dressing for spring in Michigan can be a bit of a challenge. One day it’s 60 degrees and sunny and then the next day it’s 40 degrees and gloomy. Something that we can rely on, though, is the classic look of the goods from Brothers Leather. The Vachetta leather that’s used makes f... View Post
  • | Laura Henschke

    Guest Blogger Tuesday: Mayor Rosalynn Bliss

    Grand Rapids is full of small giants – companies that are deeply rooted in our community and play a critical role in the fabric of who we are. Brothers Leather Supply Company is one of those small giants. What started in the basement of Beth and Adam Kail’s home three years ago is now a storefron... View Post